2019 Sunshine Coast International One Metre Regatta

PosNameSail No.DesignClubNettTotalR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12R13R14R15R16R17R18R19R20R21R22R23R24
1JONES, PaulAUS 48K2Lake Macquarie Radio Yacht Club47.
2WALLIS, SeanAUS 71V10Champion Lakes70.0113.
3FARRAR, AaronAUS 34BritpopGladstone Radio Control Yacht Club77.0117.06.0(13.0)(9.0)5.01.0(9.0)
4NELSON, RobNZL 27NitroWesthaven Radio Sailing123.0193.
5ALLEN, DougAUS 72V10Sunshine Coast Radio Sailing Club127.0191.
6WALKER, AllanAUS 26BritpopParadise Radio Yacht Club166.0247.012.016.0(23.0)
7WILSON, AndrewAUS 187V10Wynnum Manly Radio Model Yacht Club178.0268.
8CLOUGH, GrahamNZL 81V10Gulf Harbour Radio Yacht Club185.0276.
9SHERWOOD, PeterAUS 127V10Wynnum Manly Radio Model Yacht Club188.0305.
10RUSSELL, FrankAUS 75Ellipsis...Sunshine Coast Radio Sailing Club204.0288.
11FITZGERALD, GlenAUS 170V10Sunshine Coast Radio Sailing Club205.0296.
12BROWN, TimAUS 07SediciTwin Towns Radio Yacht Club211.7311.710.018.7(30.0)
13GRAY, RussellAUS 99BritpopWynnum Manly Radio Model Yacht Club225.0309.
14JACOBSEN, PeterNZL 470NitroWesthaven Radio Sailing249.0337.04.018.0(21.0)(21.0)
15TAYLOR, BenAUS 70Titan Lake Macquarie Radio Yacht Club250.0345.
16PAGE, PhilAUS 50EllipsisNorthern Mariners260.0380.011.0(30.0)
17WARNE, DerickAUS 97BritpopSunshine Coast Radio Sailing Club279.0382.
18HINCHCLIFF, LaurieAUS 152Plan BParadise Radio Yacht Club279.0378.
19KEAVY, WayneAUS 11V10Kogarah Bay Radio Yacht Club311.0431.
20SPENCER, RossAUS 13V10LEKogarah Bay Radio Yacht Club317.0426.
21PAYN, GrahamAUS 89V8Lake Macquarie Radio Yacht Club334.0434.012.020.0(25.0)19.0(25.0)
22MITCHELL, KimAUS 42v10Fraser Coast Radio Yacht Club345.0455.09.0(30.0)
23GRANT, ChrisNZL 939MojoWesthaven Radio Sailing350.0449.
24WILSON, AndrewAUS 08CorbieBrisbane Radio Yacht Club360.7467.711.021.716.0(30.0)19.0(30.0)18.0(23.0)(24.0)
25ROBERTS, GarryNZL 67NitroWesthaven Radio Sailing367.0478.010.021.0(26.0)
26MCAULAY, JohnAUS 164MojoSunshine Coast Radio Sailing Club394.0497.
27GOWER, JohnAUS 63V10Paradise Radio Yacht Club475.0595.
28SHOEBRIDGE, TrevorNZL 62NitroWesthaven Radio Sailing501.0621.
29JONES, DavidAUS 134V10Risdon Brook Radio Yacht Club557.0677.016.014.0(30.0)(30.0)(30.0)(30.0)

Official Sponsors & Partners

We thank our sponsors and partners for their support in making this event a success. If you would like to support us we would love to hear from you, please email for details on how you can help.

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